July 17, 2015

How to Create A New Look for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Staining, Borders, Medallions and Designs

by:Custom Hardwood Flooring LA

With advances in the industry over the past few decades, customizing your wood floor is easier, and more affordable, than ever before. You can create a unique look with simple upgrades such as borders, medallions, hand-distressing, painted floors, mixed media and exotic wood species. Here are some ideas of ways to create a new look  for your hardwood floors.

Borders create a frame effect in a particular room or area, and usually contrast to the main area of the room. For example, a simple installation of a medium colored wood such as strip white oak might include a border outlining the room in a contrasting darker species of wood such as Brazilian cherry. The possibilities are endless, and are not limited to wood only. Borders can incorporate multiple wood species, stone, marble, brass, stainless steel, nickel and other metals.

Medallions usually are installed in the main field of the floor, typically in areas such as foyers. Medallions can incorporate multiple wood species, and other mixed media, such as stone, metal and leather. Factory finished medallions can be routed into existing floors with minimal disruption. For more customized looks, such as a family crest, a professional wood flooring installer can work with you to select the species and colors that will best meet your needs.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring
Hand-distressing offers a unique look and antiqued appearance that appeals to many homeowners. Hand-scraping, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming, is the most-common distressing technique. Using tools such as chisels, planes, wire brushes, awls, ice picks and grinders, the installer will work with the wood to achieve a worn and distressed look. The end result will be a new floor that looks beautifully antiqued.

Painted floors transform an ordinary wood floor into something unique. For example, a painted border can transform your floor into a work of art reflecting your personal style – country, formal, or even patterns like free-flowing vines. For more dramatic painted design elements, consider creating an Oriental rug effect, or even marble. Your only limit is your imagination.

White washed / Bleached wood flooring
White washing or bleaching is stripping away the natural color of the wood to give a very light almost white color. It usually creates a modern look to your floor. The process of white washing a floor is usually sought by designers and homeowners who have wood species that are naturally dark or reddish in color like a Brazillian Cherry hardwood floor and they want to custom stain it to a much lighter or whiter stain. The wood floor is bleached off of its natural color until the desired lightness or shade is achieved and a white / light colored stain is applied. After which, a hardwood floor polyurethane finish is coated on to the wood flooring.

Custom Staining can give your existing wood floors an entirely new look very affordably. Light colored stains can give new life to an old wood floor. For a traditional look, consider re-staining your wood floors to a warm, medium-toned color. Dark stains can give your floors a stately new look.

Hardwood Floor Custom Staining
Mixing Wood and other Flooring Materials can create a one-of-a-kind floor by mixing wood with other materials such as stone, tile, slate, marble, metal, and even leather. For example, highlighting a marble foyer with wood makes a dramatic entryway, while incorporating brushed nickel accents into your kitchen wood floor could accent your professional series appliances. Exotic woods are available in a variety of colors and can add an entirely new look to any room. Want something with a pinkish-red hue to enhance your d├ęcor? Consider Bubinga from Africa. If your style is rustic , consider Australian Cypress, which is harder than domestic knotty pine. Purpleheart from Mexico will age to a deep purple or purplish brown. Wenge from Africa, will age to a very deep brown, almost black, color. With exotic wood species, the possibilities are endless.

Creating a new or updating the look for your hardwood floors brings endless creative possibilities. Putting two or three design ideas mentioned above could greatly contribute to increasing the value of your property and effectively communicate your personal style and personality. Make sure that the these hardwood floor design elements are done by professional hardwood floor installers and refinishers. Attention to details and experience is crucial to ensure that you get your monies worth and prevent any possible problems in the future.

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