December 12, 2014

Custom Staining Hardwood Floors

Customized Staining Your Wood Floors

When your in a dilemma where you want your wood floor stain color to be a "little reddish kinda brownish with a touch of light gold" and you could just not find the closes possible match of an existing wood floor you have, the best way to resolve this is to customized stain and refinish your hardwood floor. Discerning customers prefer something a little more unique than the off the rack, standard, wood floor retail store stain color selection. They require more customization than that what is usually shipped to them in a cardboard box.

A professional hardwood floor service provider should be knowledgeable on how to come up with the stain or color mixture that the clients requires. Its a meticulous process and it requires experise and keen attention to details.

The process of custom staining your hardwood floors starts with a good understanding of what the client want. Stain mixtures will be made base on the details that is provided to the hardwood flooring service provider. He/She should be able to come up with the the stain color while considering the unique way different wood specie absorbs the stain or how the type of finish coat affects the shade or color that he/she is trying to achieve for the customer.

Wood Floor custom staining
Custom staining hardwood floor
After the mixtures are done, a couple of samples can be applied on to the floor so that the actual effect can be seen. This would then be shown to the customer for approval.

Once the stain color is achieved and has been approved. The work process will now begin by first prepping up the wood floor. Repairs if there are any will be done. It will then be followed by professionally sanding the wood floor to remove all imperfections such as scratches, pet stains or dents. Sanding the wood floor correctly is crucial in achieving a good end result.
hardwood floor sanding, cleaning or polishing
Professional Sanding Hardwood Floor
After Sanding the wood floors, it must be ensured that the floors are vacuumed free of dust and dirt. Being able to do thoroughly and thoughtfully will ensure a smooth and professional looking finish at the end of the project. 
Professional wood floor installation and refinishing
Vacuum sanded wood floor thoroughly

After sanding, a coat of finish will then be applied evenly until desired shade is achieved. There are times that hand application of the stain on to the wood floor is required to achieve the best result.
Changing wood floor color
Hand Sanding Wood Floor
Once the customer approves that the wood floor color is exactly what he/she wanted, coats of finishes will be applied. Normally, sealers and finish coats are applied at this point; Scheduling the applications after each coats dries.
 Refinishing Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Custom Staining and Refinishing your hardwood floors will give results that will alow you to express your unique and creative self. Its  a way to give your home an added feature that will increase its market value. 

We have worked with a number of interior designers, architects and general contractors who needed someone that can execute their very wood flooring visions, in terms of achieving the wood color stain that will make their clients happy.  Homeowners can achieve that same couture look for their home wood flooring by consulting a hardwood floor contractor also. 

Every step of customizing your wood floor staining and refinishing must be done with professional know how and a dedication to achieving quality work and service. THis is the only way to make sure that you are getting your moneys worth.

"Perfection In Every Step"